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For Immediate Release
Newark, Delaware

MAD House Graphics is pleased to welcome Scott Godin to our team. Scott joins the madhouse with a wealth of computer, web and web application programming skills.

His skills include:

  • 18 years Macintosh experience
  • PC proficiency
  • experienced Perl programmer
  • Linux systems administration since Jan 2001
  • involved in web/html coding and development since 1995

When looking to the evolution of the web, Scott is particulary impassioned about web standards, cascading style sheets and Mozilla's Firefox Browser. He began reinforcing his webdesign approach with more intensive use of style sheets via CSS2 in 2003 when the beta-release of Mozilla Firebird (now replaced by Firefox) caught his attention. He sees it as another cross-platform browser capable of supporting W3C standards-compliant design, such as Opera, and Safari, but better poised to capture far more widespread acceptance and use.

For further information, please contact:

M A D House Graphics
Marketing * Advertising * Design

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Proven track record - Extensive Portfolio
Experienced in Large Site Management - Application Deployment - Project Management